Early Stroll Songs with Ian McMillan

Next Performance: 7/7/17 1.00pm, Harrogate International Festival

Ian McMillan - Poet & Presenter
Martin Le Poidevin - Baritone
Amanda Cook - Guitar

Poet and BBC broadcaster Ian McMillan hosts a live poetry and music event, featuring songs created from his hugely popular Early Stroll tweets. Funny, poignant and meditative, these daily micro-poems chart the experience of the same walk through the seasons of a year, giving snapshots of a modern village community.

Amanda Cook (photo: Gemma Klein), Ian McMillan (photo: Kippa Matthews), Martin Le Poidevin and the first performance at St George's Bristol.

“This was absolutely brilliant. Beautiful, evocative music to bring out Ian McMillan's early stroll tweets."
“Fabulous evening… the audience clearly valued the performances.”
“Wonderful evening of poetry and music.”